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  Question:  How do I make a reservation?
  • Call our office to book a reservation
    (800)575-4817 toll-free
    (512) 260-2929 local
    9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Print out a copy of our Livestock Contract. After filling it out either fax or mail the signed form to us with a 50% deposit for the reservation.
  • Your quote is valid for the current trip.
  Question:  What are the terms and conditions?
  • When making a reservation a 50% deposit is due upon reservation. The remainder is to be paid either at the pickup or drop off of your horse. We accept cash, money orders or certified checks as well as credit cards; however, a 3% fee will be charged for using a credit card no personal checks please!
  • The rate you are quoted is for door-to-door delivery and care of you horse according to the instructions given on the Livestock Contract; surcharges will apply for the following reasons:
    • A change of location for either pickup or delivery.
    • Difficult access roads not previously discussed when quote was made.
    • Delays in loading a horse due to horse not being ready for departure, contact person unavailable or paperwork not ready for departure will be charged $50.00 per hour after the first hour of waiting.
    • Delays in loading a difficult horse taking more than 1 hour will be charged $50.00 per hour after the first hour.
    • Veterinary bills resulting from the need for treatment while en route.
  • Tack charges start at $25.00 for a saddle or small tack trunk and can go up to $100.00 for very large or heavy trunks or tack. If tack is not pre-scheduled when quote was made it will be up to the driver to make the decision if space is available.
  • If a cancellation is needed you must cancel three-days (72 hours) prior to scheduled pickup to receive a full refund of your deposit.
    • If cancellation occurs less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours from scheduled pickup, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged.
    • If cancellation occurs within the 24 hours of the scheduled pickup your 50% deposit is non-refundable.
  Question:  What about insurance for my horse?

As with all shippers, we are not able to insure your horse for injury or mortality since we are not the horse's owner. But, if you wish to obtain equine insurance prior to shipping for full coverage including injury, we can suggest: Agri-Risk Services Inc. at (800) 821-5558.
  Question:  What do I need to get my horse ready?
  • Veterinary Care:
    • A Health Certificate from you vet which are valid for 30-days.
    • A Coggins test for EIA, which is good for 12 months in most states.
    • We recommend that all immunizations are current but law does not require it. Young horses may be more susceptible to infections. All vaccinations should be given no later then two weeks before transporting. In case a horse has a negative reaction to the vaccination the two weeks allows time for the horse to recuperate and the vaccination to take effect.
  • A Brand inspection from the state brand inspector coming from the following states: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY and areas of NE, OR and WA. These take time to arrange with the state's area brand inspectors, so star early.
  • Make sure horses are well hydrated before shipping.
  • We recommend  NOT   having horses hooves trimmed before shipping. Especially on long hauls, we also do not recommend leg wraps that may unravel or may be wrapped too tight, nor do we recommend tail wraps.
  Question:  What if I have special instructions for my horse?
  • If you have special instructions for you horse please let us know when booking the reservation. We are happy to accommodate most all requests. We do ask that you put all instructions in writing with your signature so we can do exactly what is required.
  • If an emergency should arise as is stated in our Livestock Contract, at your expense we will have the authority to have your horse taken to a veterinarian.
  Question:  What if I have special instructions for my horse?
  • Our drivers will be in contact with you the week before the pickup, the day before and the day of the pickup. They will also be in contact the day before the drop off and again a few hours before drop off to make certain the appropriate person is there to release the horse to.
  • Hay is placed in feeders throughout the trip and water buckets are hung for each horse. We take a small break approximately every 4 hours to check on each horse and allow them to relax their muscles. After checking each horse while taking these breaks our drivers also may be re-fueling, taking food breaks, loading and unloading other horses and taking rest periods as required by law.
  • Our drivers' "traveling day" is between 14 and 20 hours per day depending on which state they are in, how many locations they needed to be at in a particular day and where the next horse hotel is located. At the end of each "traveling day" the horses will all be unloaded at a designated horse hotel for a layover. Each horse is placed in it's own paddock. At this time, we inspect the rig and clean out the trailer and add clean shavings.
  • Please know we map out the most direct route for each location, but please be aware that a transporter cannot deliver in the same timeframe it would take you to drive yourself. Many factors are involved with transporting, a few of these would be:
    • First and foremost we travel much slower then the average car to insure safety for your horse. We usually average between 55 and at most 65 miles per hour where permitted.
    • Weather or road conditions can become an issue.
    • Inaccurate directions.
    • Waiting on horses or clients who are not prepared for pickup or delivery.
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Cheyenne Horse Transportation
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