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         We provide safe, dependable, regularly inspected trucks and trailers. Using all new vehicles including Chevy Cummins Diesel Pickups and Suburbans, Featherlite slant-load trailers with ramp walkups low to the ground and easy to board, wide stalls and high ceilings for those extra-tall four-legged friends. Our trailers can be configured with box stalls for those animals needing extra room. You can always feel secure knowing we only transport up to six horses per load so that our drivers are able to give your horse the attention it needs. All stalls have a feeder and water bucket that are checked to make sure they are full approximately every 4 hours. Shavings are always used and are cleaned out at each layover.
  Specializing in show and racing stock, brood mares in foal or with foal by their side. With availability from one stall to whole rig shipments of six. Our care and concern is always on the well-being of your horse. You can be certain when you ship with Cheyenne Horse Transportation that your horse will be well taken care of.
  All driving is done with a team of the owners Tom and Holly Whitecloud. Not only are they conscientious behind the wheel, knowing how to properly operate the rigs, they always keep in mind the special cargo they carry. Both are true horse-people, knowing how to treat your animal with the respect it deserves. From your first conversation to the final destination, your animal's best interest is always first and foremost. While on the road all vehicles are equipped with cellular phones so you may be in contact with them at any time.
  We are a full-care horse boarding facility.Here at our ranch we are located in Leander, Texas 30 miles north of Austin. We have large 12 x 24 shaded paddocks. All horses are kept in separate paddocks for safe boarding or layovers. Your horse will be well taken care of as if it were our own. All horses are fed hay and have separate waters. Special feeding on the road or off is not a problem for us just have special instructions in writing for us along with the special feed so we can do what is required.
  Cheyenne Horse Transportation operates in the United States mainly throughout Texas to the West Coast and back. We make routine scheduled trips usually once every 3 weeks. All trips are time negotiated before leaving our ranch so we may offer as close to on-time deliveries as possible. On long hauls we have scheduled layovers at horse hotels offering separate paddocks. Your horse is allowed to get out of the trailer to rest allowing them the least amount of fatigue as possible.
  Meet the person you have trusted your horse to:
My name is Tom Whitecloud. My love for horses has kept me in the horse business for over 30 years. As a trainer, breeder and horse transporter, I use no middle-man in my business. From booking your reservation to transporting your horse you will be dealing with me. I hope to see you on the road!
Remember - Ride with the Chief
Tom Whitecloud
  Passed down through the generations from his forefathers, Native-American Tom Whitecloud has inherited the time-honored wisdom of the true horseman.
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